Philly guidance counselors help save ducklings from storm drain

WILMINGTON - June 18, 2013

"We couldn't help it. We saw the mother with her ducklings, trying to cross the highway," Miller said.

The two guidance counselors tell Action News it was around 6:00 a.m. Tuesday when a family of ducks finally made it across Delaware Route 141, but the ducklings, approximately five in number, were still struggling.

That's when, Miller says, the little ducks fell down a storm drain.

"They were tweeting. The mother was going crazy, just flying back and forth," Miller said.

Amy and Michelle were determined not to leave until the ducklings were rescued.

They began making calls for help.

Tri-State Bird Rescue responded to her call, sending a volunteer.

Cranston Heights Fire Company responded, as well, but had to leave to respond to another call.

Elsmere Fire Company then arrived to the scene and removed the storm grates.

Soon after, the ducklings were rescued from the drain.

They were taken to Tri-State Bird Rescue to recover.

The mother duck was frightened away by all the activity, but her ducklings are now safe and sound.

"We just couldn't go. We had to stay and see it through," Miller said.

Miller and Rocca work at Franklin Learning Center. The two say they will be let go from their guidance counselor positions come June 30th as part of the district wide cuts.

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