Storms bring flooding headaches to the Jersey shore

BRIGANTINE, N.J. - June 18, 2013

"I'm used to it, I see it all the time," said Wayne Myers of Brigantine. "The wind was blowing so hard, there were actually waves going on in the street here."

In Margate, not even FedEx was in a rush, as one driver carefully navigated his way through Amherst Avenue.

The rising waters caused vehicles to stall in the middle of the street. The person behind the wheel of one SUV took his or her chances making some big waves that came up to a New York license plate.

Wayne Chapman wasn't so lucky. He broke down, so he decided to give another driver a hand and push her out of the flood waters.

"I drove through it and about 15 feet in, it died right away," he said. "Locked out. There's nothing I can do now except, uh, buy a new car. Maybe."

In Brigantine, we spotted a lot of drivers staying away from those deep waters. For the seagulls, it was a different story.

But as fast as it was coming down, the island had pumps like one on West Shore Drive that seemed to be working even faster, pushing thousands of gallons of water into the bay.

"It won't be too long," said Wayne Myers. "That's a fantastic pump they got over there."

He was right. By nightfall, much of the flood water had receded.

"Usually when it floods as much as it did in front here, it takes a while for it to recede," said Dennis Greben of Brigantine. "So I was happy when it receded fast."

We checked with emergency officials in the area and there were no reports of injuries, just a lot of upset owners of cars that won't be working anytime soon.

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