Bear caught in Ewing, another captured in Warrington

WARRINGTON TWP., Pa. - June 20, 2013

Around 1:00 p.m., authorities were called for a report of a black bear in Ewing Township near Green Lane and Metzger Drive.

Police followed and tracked the bear as he climbed up a tree on the southeast side of the campus of the College of New Jersey

The bear was shot with a tranquilizer but became wedged in some branches and wouldn't fall until officials used a firefighter ladder truck and poked his paws free from the branch.

They had to use a chainsaw to clear several branches to access the male black bear.

A crowd of about 50 people watched the scene unfold.

It was the second bear incident of the day.

Earlier Thursday, wildlife officials tranquilized and removed a black bear from a tree near the Valley Square Shopping Center in Warrington Township, Bucks County.

That incident began around 8:00 a.m. when residents of nearby Palomino Farms spotted the bear.

Officials followed the bear to a wooded area near the shopping center, where a large crowd gathered, pointing and taking pictures of the bear.

After spending time up a tree, a sharpshooter from the Pennsylvania Game Commission was called in to tranquilize the bear.

"We got him stopped in here and surrounded the area, got him up a tree, which is the best place to be able to tranquilize a bear," said Cassie Ziceski of the Pa. Game Commission.

"After the first one he was kind of groggy and, because of his adrenaline, he needed a second shot. We took it and he fell, but he's tough. He's breathing and we think he'll be just fine."

The animal was described as a cub, about 150 to 175 pounds, and may have recently forced to go out on its own by its mother.

The bear will be checked out then will be released in the Poconos.

Action News viewer Jenna Gordon (@JennaBrookG) submitted a picture of the bear in a tree. Gordon said she snapped the photo while standing in the shopping center.

Action News reporter David Henry was also there and took a photo of the tranquilized bear being removed.

Officials say this bear has been tagged twice before, and appears to be the same bear that caused a stir on Wednesday after it was spotted sitting on top of a back yard swing set.

Wildlife officials have released the following safety tips if you ever encounter a black bear:

- Never feed or approach a bear
- Remain calm if you encounter a bear
- Make the bear aware of your presence by speaking in an assertive voice, singing, clapping your hands, or making other noises.
- Make sure the bear has an escape route.

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