Students, staff, parents run to raise money for Masterman

PHILADELPHIA - June 20, 2013

More than 200 students, parents and teachers took off running as part of their second annual fundraiser.

"Some of them are doing 100 laps," said Masterman parent Anne Rock. "Mr. Borda, who is a teacher here, is doing 100 laps."

"Our schools are not being funded adequately," said Luigi Borda. "Quite frankly, it's a disgrace."

Masterman is losing its assistant principal, several counselors and supplies to budget cuts. So students, families and staff ran and walked laps around the school.

Pledges were made to raise money for each lap.

"Our city and state have really pushed us to the wayside and forced us to have to raise money to support our students," said teacher Nichole Geiger.

One student, Addie Weyrich, said she'll run as much as she can to get her senior year back.

"I've been waiting since I was five to be the senior in my musical, to make it to the state championship for sports, and now I'm being told that won't happen," she said.

Fifth grader Julian Richardson said "They're cutting gym, music, art programs. But hopefully we'll keep those if we keep running laps."

Last year's run brought in more than $10,000 for Masterman. Teachers hope to raise $20,000 this year.

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