Leak causes large gasoline spill off Route 30

FRAZIER, Pa. - June 22, 2013

Around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, a gasket blew on a vapor recovery unit at the Exxon Mobil Pipeline terminal in Chester County.

Thousands of gallons of gasoline spilled down Malin Road and into a storm sewer very close to Valley Creek.

Authorities estimate between 10,000 and 20,000 gallons may have spilled.

The leak shut down roads in the area and businesses for the night.

"Saturday is one of the busiest nights of the week," said Dan Conner, McKenzie Brew House.

However, traffic on the normally busy Route 30 was closed for over a half mile because of the gasoline leak.

"We had a large family reunion scheduled at six. We had a number of call aheads for the patio and the deck area and had to cancel all of them," said McKenzie.

The fuel that spilled is the same kind that goes into most cars.

"We feel like it is isolated. We don't feel like it's a threat to public safety and we're trying to mitigate the environmental," said David Boone, Buckeye Partners.

Crews put down barriers to stop the oil.

However the next step is to vacuum it up, clean up the storm sewer and check to make sure none of the gasoline got into the soil.

Authorities say the gasoline leak did not impact the drinking water in the area.

Business owners say the leak definitely impacted their business.

"Now this is one of the worst days we've had in years," said McKenzie.

The roads in the area reopened late Saturday night and crews plan to work around the clock to clean everything up.

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