'Goods for Guns' exchange in North Philadephia


People gathered at Deliverance Evangelistic Church on a hot summer day to unpack some heat of their own.

From hunting rifles to assault weapons, people turned in their guns to police with no questions asked.

"Everyday somebody's getting killed or shot," said Brenda.

The thought is that fewer guns on the streets can at least limit violence.

"I had an old firearm in the basement that doesn't work but I have a very inquisitive 9-year-old who likes to explore and get into things," said Ken Vaughn.

"The gun I'm turning in is the first one my father bought for me for hunting and this is his gun. He passed away a few years ago," said Bill Merriman.

Those who surrendered their weapon received a $100 ShopRite gift card to be used at any area store.

"Naturally, that's a good incentive," said Allen Taylor.

"Rather than throw it away, I could use the $100," said Edith.

Brown's ShopRite stores and nonprofit community organization, Uplift Solutions both sponsor 'Goods for Guns' events several times a year to help clean up the community and promote healthy living.

"Making a safer neighborhood and also a healthier neighborhood by having fresh fruits and vegetables from local Brown's ShopRites," said Mike Basher, Uplift Solutions.

Organizers say the event started a half an hour early because of such a strong turnout and within just a few hours expected as many as 600 guns taken off the streets.

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