Insurance discounts you might've missed

July 15, 2013

"We found that there are discounts that can knock 3% off your bill, 8% off your bill, even 15-20% off your bill," explains Doug Whiteman, an insurance analyst for

Whiteman says lots of car owners fail to take advantage of car insurance discounts, because insurance company websites make them hard to find.

"This is one of the reasons why we decided to really scour the websites for the ten largest insurance companies, to grab all of that information, and put it together into a handy cheat sheet," he explains.

Most of us have heard of discounts for bundling -- or insuring multiple vehicles, or even your cars and your home -- with the same company.

But you might not know about "affinity discounts."

Whiteman says, "There are so many discounts related to the way that you drive. And really, just related to who you are, the kind of work that you do, the company that you work at. There could be some kind of an affinity discount. There are discounts available for groups that you belong to, if you belonged to a sorority or a fraternity in college."

And if you're a parent of teen drivers, you can save if you have a college student who lives 100 miles from home much of the year, or if you have a high school student with good grades.

New parents can save too.

Whiteman says, "Some of the insurance companies now offers a discount for new parents. They believe that new parents have an incentive to be safer drivers, so they give a discount for that."

You can also find discounts if your car has airbags, daytime running lights, an alarm, or anti-lock brakes.

To view's insurance discount "Cheat Sheet," click here.

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