Girl, 2, struck and killed in South Philadelphia


Police say a 2-year-old girl who lived in the area ran off the sidewalk and into the path of a car. The driver didn't even have a chance to react before hitting her.

Police say a father was spending some time with his 2-year-old daughter Wednesday night when she got away from him. She darted out into the street in the 1200 block of South 21st in Point Breeze.

"She just made a sharp turn, went out into the street. And because she was only as tall as the bumper, apparently the driver couldn't see her," said neighbor Eddrena Turner.

At full speed, the driver of a black Ford Focus hit the small child. Residents ran to the girl and her frantic father, who was holding her and screaming for help.

"There were people in a frenzy. And there was woman that was trying to give the little girl CPR. And everyone was saying, 'Where's the paramedics?'" said resident Jodi Carter.

That Good Samaritan was able to revive the toddler. But witnesses say when the little girl left the scene they didn't have a good feeling about her condition.

She was pronounced dead at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia around 9:00 p.m.

"The baby looked like she wasn't going to make it. And now to hear that she didn't.... It was tough to see," said Carter.

Action News has learned the driver is a 77-year-old woman from Brewerytown.

Police were working to keep her calm after the incident. They believe it was all just a tragic accident.

"Hopefully this will teach people when you have a small child and you're out in public, even if you're outside the house, watch your children. Because small children will do the unthinkable and run out into the streets," said Turner.

We understand a number of family members are arriving at CHOP where the little girl was taken.

The incident is under investigation, but once again, it appears to have been an accident.

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