Fitness center issued raw food challenge

July 5, 2013

Unite Fitness has issued a 7 day Raw Food Challenge. By "raw" they mean nothing cooked and nothing artificial. Also, everything on the menu is vegan, with no meat, eggs or dairy products.

Ryan Crown, founder of the eponymous juice club, says eating raw is the original diet of mankind, adding that when foods are cooked or processed, essential nutrients are lost.

He said the challenge doesn't have to be boring. A recipe featured in the Unite Fitness 7-Day Raw Food Challenge is a banana with fresh coconut and hemp seeds. Another recipe calls for natural chocolate powder and dates.

Juliet Burgh is the nutrition director at Unite Fitness. She says they offer healthy food challenges to get people to try new foods.

She says a raw food challenge is perfect for summer, but admits it may not be easy for everyone.

"There is a reason we call it a "challenge," and not just a cleanse or detox because you are challenging yourself for seven days, it is out of your normal routine," she said.

But the program is set up to help you every step of the way, including online support.

"You are going to get all the recipes, the menu planning all made for you and all you have to do is go out buy the fruits and veggies and other ingredients and put it together," Juliet said.

If you are wondering *why you should do a raw food diet, Juliet said it can reduce bloating, boost your energy, clear your skin and can help you lose weight.

"If you have more fresh foods in your diet that will happen as a natural side effect," she said.

This challenge may not be for everyone.  If you have medical problems, check with your doctor before starting this or any other new diet or fitness program.

The 7 Day Raw Food Challenge starts July 15th and costs $47.  That includes recipes, online support and optional shopping trip.

Enroll by July 12th at

If you are timid to jump right in, Unite is also offering a free tele-class.

Follow this link to sign up:


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