Hair pieces: Hair today, gone tomorrow

PHILADELPHIA - July 5, 2013

There's a new way, well, sort of an old throwback to the 60s, that's making a big comeback: Celebrity-inspired clip- on hair pieces that keep you looking fresh and frizz free in all of this heat and humidity.

Maurice Tannenbaum Owner, OMG Salon Gladwyne: "On the red carpet you see a lot of pieces, even if the hair is pulled back and up the ponytail isn't always real, it's an add on."

They're not extensions, but "enhancements;" clip-on pieces that give your coif a little something extra!

Maurice Tennenbaum, the owner of OMG Salon in Gladwyne custom-ordered an enhancement for Cheryl from a Hollywood wig maker.

"We have made a piece for her that adds onto her hair that won't fuzz or frizz."

That's perfect for the summer. You just clip it right in and create fun, frizz-free summer styles like a side braid, a pony tail or an updo.

"I'm seeing everyone on the red carpet with bangs and I want to try them!" says Anya Bado of Center City.

From Kerry Washington to Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift, even Michelle Obama: bangs came in with a bang this year and you too can rock the look, part time, with a clip-on piece.

Brittiany Cunningham at Arqitect Salon in Center City says: "It's a nice way to not commit. Especially in the summer when it' hot. They don't frizz up, they don't get matted and knotted and they are just perfect all of the time."

Full fringe, side bang, blunt cut. Cunningham custom colors and shapes them for your face.

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