Baggy pants ban starts on Wildwood boardwalk

WILDWOOD, N.J. - July 8, 2013

It's a fashion trend that's stirred up a lot of controversy. And now sagging pants are out on the Wildwood boardwalk.

"It's just that I don't think that my kids should see other people's underwear. I mean, really," said Genevieve O'Brien of Secaucus, N.J.

Wildwood is also requiring people to wear shoes of some sort at all times. And no more showing off your muscles at night. You'll have to put on a shirt after 8:00 p.m.

"Especially older people, you should leave your shirt on because it's kind of disgusting, people without their shirts on," said one girl.

"We're not going to have the fashion police out with a measuring tape going after every single person. We're just going to go after those who are extremely obvious," said Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiana, Jr.

The city isn't planning on writing a bunch of tickets. Officials will start by talking to the offenders first.

"They will be asked to pull them up. And if they take it to a level that the police feel is unreasonable, they'll ask them to leave the boardwalk. If they continue to raise a fuss about it, then they could be ticketed," said Troiana.

The tickets could cost anywhere from $25 to $200.

The mayor said he has gotten a mostly positive response on the ordinance. 98% of people reportedly support the idea.

Businesses along the boardwalk think the change is good for the city's image.

"We want to attract families here in Wildwood. We don't want them to see people with their pants hanging low. It's a good thing," said Toni Fuscellario of Sam's Pizza.

Word is already out about the new regulations. The crowd we saw today had their pants pulled up. Just a few weeks ago it was a different story.

Young men are most affected by this ordinance. The ones we spoke to are split on the change.

"Boxers, honestly, are just like shorts but shorter," said Caleb Konzelman of Bensalem, Pa.

The ordinance only applies right on the boardwalk. You are still allowed to sag your pants. You just have to walk off the boardwalk onto a city street.

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