16 arrested in Chester County cocaine bust

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - July 10, 2013

District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the results of Operation Tubería Rota (translated as Operation Broken Pipeline) on Wednesday.

Hogan called it an operation to attack the drug pipeline from Mexico that runs through southern Chester County.

"We know where you are, we are coming after you, and we will shut down your drug pipeline in Chester County," Hogan said in a statement.

Hogan said investigators used confidential sources, made direct purchases and wire-tapped phones during the year-long investigation.

All 16 have been charged with drug delivery, conspiracy, and related offenses.

Those charged are:

Daniel Ramirez, 28, of Nottingham, Pennsylvania;

Miguel Luna-Rodriguez, a/k/a "Gallo", 44, of Nottingham, Pennsylvania;

Martin Romero-Cruz, 30, of Oxford, Pennsylvania;

Miguel Lara-Zavala, a/k/a "Twinky", 44, of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania;

Abel Francisco Tinoco-Guitierrezz, 42, of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania;

Martin Zavala-Zavala, 36, of Coatesville, Pennsylvania;

David Mora, 31, of Reading, Pennsylvania;

Erick Orihuela-Solalinde, 29, of Reading, Pennsylvania;

Moise Lantigua-Ayala, a/k/a "Moi", 29, of Reading, Pennsylvania;

Fidencio Avalos, a/k/a "La Tusa", 42, of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania;

Jonathan Garcia Sanchez, a/k/a "Cesar", 25, of Wilmington, Delaware;

Jesus Zamora-Zamora, 40, of Wilmington, Delaware;

Benjamin Lara-Medina, 38, of Wilmington, Delaware;

Cesar Morales Castillo, a/k/a "Rafael Castaneda" and "Chicles", 32, of Wilmington, Delaware;

Marcelino Rocha-Luna, a/k/a "Pokey", 25, of Wilmington, Delaware;

Jose Miranda Garcia, a/k/a "Mario", 29, of Newark, Delaware.

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