Saving with 6abc: Dumping your bad habits

July 10, 2013

Be cautious of daily deals
Jumping on daily deal sites and grabbing bargains just because they are there can really put a dent in your finances. Sometimes people buy things on sites like Groupon or Living Social that they don't really need. Try limiting your search to things you are already planning to purchase!

BYOBB - Bring Your own brown bag
If you stop ordering lunch and you bring your own, you can save up to $10 a day. If you do breakfast at home instead of on the go, you can almost double your savings!

Be wary of credit card rewards
Sometimes, the cash-back promise of credit card rewards can cause people to spend more just to get a little cash back. Avoid doing that if at all possible.

Subscription services burn
You may have forgotten about your gym membership, magazines, even video rental services like Netflix - but they didn't forget about you. If they are still charging your account and you don't go - cancel the account!

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