Bucks Co. program helps children in need of computers

AUDOBON, Pa. - July 10, 2013

It's all a part of Team Children's Summer Youth Development Program.

Their warehouse in Audobon is full of activity with volunteers busy four days a week.

They are busy refurbishing shelves of with 1,000 computers, all of which were discarded or donated and are in need of new homes.

"It meant a lot to me, especially to get it at a much more reasonable price," said Arthur Dahn.

Dahn got his computer here two years ago, to help with his graduate studies. It picked up a virus three days ago, and Joe Granese, who does IT, helped him get rid of it.

Michael Wells has six girls at home. Both of his computers have served them well but on Wednesday he bought a third.

It was at a fraction of the price it would have cost to purchase a new one.

"With a large family, you have to budget every dollar so this really works out for us," said Wells.

Robert Toporek, the founder of Team Children, says children and schools that don't have computers are at a major disadvantage so his goal is to narrow the achievement gap.

"It's essential for every family to have a computer at home and that there ought to be two or three computers in every classroom," said Toporek.

Cristina Reyes knows all too well what it's like to teach children without a computer.

At her North Philadelphia school, she used to have flash cards to teach vocabulary to her bilingual kindergarteners

"But with a computer, I'm able to project that and show an entire class," Reyes added.

The volunteers who work with Team Children's Summer Youth Development Program include adults, teenagers and even younger.

For more information visit TeamChildren.com

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