Neighbors blame store owner for roach problem


Those people, in the 2100 block of Mole Street, say the problem began earlier this summer and is worst in their back yards.

City crews were sent to clean trash and debris out of a back alley, but the infestation remains.

"I have to sit there with a can of Raid on the table because I can see them crawling out from under my door and into the yard. I have to run around spraying them," said Dennis Marcucci.

They blame Anthony Nardone, who owns the Cold Cut Hut around the corner.

He inherited two houses on the block, but now the buildings have fallen into disrepair. Rotting windows and overgrown yards could be seen, which Nardone started to clean up once Action News arrived.

He denies the roaches are coming from his properties.

"We've probably sprayed more than anyone else," Nardone said. When asked if he had the inside or outside sprayed, he said "The outside is the problem."

In addition, Nardone owes more than $18,000 in back property taxes.

"The mother is gone, why doesn't he pay taxes? We all pay taxes," said neighbor Cecelia Horning.

"Why is he holding on to these houses? Why is he allowing them to become dilapidated?" said Marcucci.

"I was going to remodel these two and rent them after I sold my business and retired later this year, but I'm just selling them now," Nardone said.

Neighbors said they were skeptical the properties would be sold, saying they'll be relieved when the 'for sale' signs go up.

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