6abc Loves the Arts: Kelly at The Barnes

July 14, 2013

The exhibit is called Sculpture on the Wall and it a small collection of Kelly's works.

"Ellsworth Kelly is an artist who works with drawing and sculpture painting and prints and the wall sculpture is in many ways a combination of his work with painting, sculpture, and also a meditation on architecture," Judith Dolkart, Chief Curator of the Barnes Museum, said.

The centerpiece is Sculpture for a Large Wall. Long time Philadelphians may remember the 65 foot long metalwork. For decades it was housed in the Philadelphia Transportation Building, but you have never seen it quite like this

"It was a little bit hard to see the sculpture in the space, because when you entered it was quite shallow to the wall in which it was installed. You had to look up and when you looked up you couldn't take it in all at once," Dolkart said.

That piece anchors some of Kelly's more recent works like Black White Black, With Two Curves, and Red Curve.

"Kelly is very interested in relationships of form so with Red Curve you have the curvilinear and then the hard edged recti-linear paired and of course this incredible, luscious color this red," Dolkart said.

Sculpture on the Wall is on display until September 2nd. Friday nights the museum stays open late and the first Sunday of every month admission is free. For more go to Barnesfoundation.org.

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