Saving with 6abc: Free trials

July 17, 2013

Whether it's a new hair product or a new coffee brand, companies often offer you freebies to get you hooked on their brand.

But while some free trial offers are a cheap and easy way to try something new, sometimes you find yourself owing something once the trial period has ended.

The Federal Trade Commission has these tips to help you avoid paying more than you bargain for:

  • Research the company offering the freebie and check out customer reviews.
  • Locate the terms and conditions of the free offer. If you can't find them, take a pass.
  • Look who's behind the offer. Is the pop-up ad from a different company?
  • Be wary of pre-checked boxes. The default may have you paying up even after your trial expires.
  • Mark your calendar with the time limit on the offer, especially if it's something like a one-month trial for a service.
  • Watch your credit and debit card statements, that way you can make sure you aren't being charged without knowing it.
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