Retailer Smak Parlour puts its clothing on wheels

PHILADELPHIA - July 25, 2013

Smak Parlour has been on Market Street near 2nd for years. But recently, owners Abby Keffler and Katie Lubieski decided to do something extra.

Intrigued by a trend in Los Angeles, they outfitted a box truck as a mobile women's wear boutique.

It has the same "fee" as the retail store. Prices are, if anything, a little less than at the store. And the truck can go virtually anywhere.

As a practical matter, city ordinances require the owners to get a new license for every location they choose.

They're approved to do retail from the truck in University City on 40th Street near Locust Walk.

Other locations are under consideration, and they hope to take the truck to the Jersey Shore sometime soon.

Inventory policy at Smak Parlour is simple. If the partners like it, they sell it. If they don't, no amount of trendiness will make them stock something. But over the years, they've hit a responsive chord with clientele who like their look and the prices.

The truck feels like a miniature version of the store, complete with French doors and a dressing room. A graphic artist did a vehicle wrap to give the truck just the right look.

The owners like how it's going and envisions outfitting a second truck some day...perhaps something more eclectic than the first.

The retail store is located at 219 Market Street in Old City, open seven days a week from lunchtime on. You may phone them there at 215-625-4551.

They're online at Smak Parlour, where you access a schedule for the truck. You're also welcome to suggest locations it might visit.

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