A study of 150 kids by University of Missouri researchers concluded that boys with autism or ADHD spend much more time on video games than typical kids, and that they have more in-room access to the games.

And that use is more likely to become addictive, or cause other problems.

Autism expert Tom Frazier, Ph.D., says, "We have to be really careful about role-playing games, in particular."

"These kids need to be learning social interaction. They shouldn't be in front of a screen paying attention to a screen. They need to be out talking to people, sitting at the dinner table talking to their family, and learning these skills," says Frazier.

Reseaerchers say the results show that parents and caregivers need to be on alert for a problem video game use by the kids.

And they need to use the video games appropriately.

"The appropriate way is not just limiting it, it's actually using this thing that the child really likes, and enjoys, and wants to do- it's very visually appealing to the child, but using it more as reinforcement for the other things that they should be doing," sayd Frazier.

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