Saving with 6abc: Summer vacations and packing

July 24, 2013

First, let's get you some deals on the trip itself. Groupon Getaways is slashing prices on all kinds of excursions. Today you can save half-off a trip to Jaco, Costa Rica. A three night stay is just $269, and the prices go up from there.

For something closer, an get an all-Inclusive Couples Getaway in the Pocono Mountains starting at $169 a night.

But no matter where you're going, we're helping you save time and space keep those baggage fees down by packing a full week's worth of stuff in just one carry on suitcase.

Kate Lawson, the owner of the boutique Menagerie in Wayne, says you can get a whole week's worth of clothes and accessories in one carry-on suitcase!

"You want an outfit that's going to transition just with some accessories from day to evening," she says.

Lawson says pick one color palette so everything matches.

"I like my accessories to be loud, and I like my staples to be monotone," she adds.

When it comes time to pack, you don't bend your clothes, you should roll them.

As for the heavy hitters and space invaders, shoes, Lawson advises 2 pairs of shoes: Flip flops and a wedge.

Pack one neutral day handbag for day, a clutch for the evening, a colorful scarf, shades, travel-sized toiletries and a foldable hat so that it will pop right back into shape. Of course, leave space for a few vacation purchases!

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