Charity delivers books to kids, but needs help

PHILADELPHIA - July 25, 2013

In fact, four dozens families in North Philadelphia are getting books, but more families are asking for them.

That's why Words on Wheels is asking for your help.

It's a pilot program run out of the non-profit Tree House Books on the 1400 block of West Susquehanna Avenue.

Through book donations, this program will deliver 3,000 free books to 45 families and 10 organizations in the North Philadelphia area during the month of July.

"Research tells us if children have books in the home, during the summer, they are much more like to stay at reading proficiency or increase reading proficiency," said executive director Vashti Dubois.

Temple University physics and education major Jonathan Dasani has worked with Tree House for several years now.

The books he delivers through WOW have been selected for each child based on age and interest. The deliveries help infuse books into a community where resources can be rare.

"A lot of schools, especially in Philly, are underfunded, sadly. Teachers rarely have enough money for a small classroom library, let alone a school library," Dasani said.

Carmen Sharpe's children are grateful recipients. She explains money is tight, and she's watched how reading has helped her 7-year-old's imagination soar.

"A lot of the programs have been cut out. These books here mean so much to me and my kids," she said.

The need is great, the response has been great. The question is, where will this program go from here? The hope is that, with support, it will continue to grow.

"You really want young people to feel like they're opening an adventure when they're opening the book," said Dubois.

To learn more and for information on how to help, visit the Words on Wheels website.

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