Mrs. Fixit: Lawn Edger

August 4, 2013

An edger helps cut away weeds and grasses that grow over driveways and sidewalks. I like to use mine to get a nice sharp edge around my gardens and flowerbeds.

First, put on your safety glasses and ear protection... Also, when you're edging dirt and debris can easy get airborne…so use caution.

Most edgers have an adjustable depth setter. It's best to start with a shallow setting for your first pass to set your line..

To start the engine… press the primer bulb a few times…and then pull the starter rope in one controlled motion until it starts …

Align the edger and once running, pull the handle to engage the blade…

Slowly cut into the grass.

Once you cut your line.. Then work your way to lower or deeper settings …This will cut thru the grassroots which will slow or even stop the regrowth.

Work the edger back and forth..but let the edger do the work…and try not to touch the blade to any concrete or stone areas.

Some edgers have a built in bevel adjustment to give your landscape an angled edge.

As with any machine..…always read the owners manual first and follow any safety instructions. thats all there is to it! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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