Homeowner charged in South Philadelphia cat hoarding case


The SPCA was called to a home in the 2800 block of Snyder Avenue on Friday afternoon to investigate.

"I had nowhere to go," said Elizabeth Martin.

Police say Martin lived there with the alleged hoarder, who has since been arrested on animal cruelty violations.

Inside the home, cats were found alive and dead and animal remains were found outside the shed.

Officers were able to save some of the cats but many ran away as they made their way inside.

Martin claims that she didn't notice the smell but neighbors sure did.

"The smell coming in our hallway is disgusting," said Patricia Simmonds.

"You can't sit out here. The smell is so bad, you just can't," said Jimmy McHale.

Humane officers say there was no running water and human waste was everywhere.

Inside they say the owner had surveillance cameras throughout and police scanners on full volume.

The roof was also coming apart. A photo taken at the scene, even showed the sky through the ceiling.

"It's a typical hoarder house, feces urine everywhere," said George Bengal, PSPCA.

Martin is not facing any charges but she did have to find another place to stay.

L&I officials came out and deemed the property unlivable after SPCA officers suspect that it partially collapsed.

Next week L&I officials plan to get a warrant so the home can be cleaned out.

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