Same sex couple in Collegeville weds despite Pa. law

COLLEGEVILLE - July 28, 2013

Robert Poley of Collegeville says exchanging wedding vows with his partner of more than a decade is a big step in the right direction.

"I love him, I've loved him for 15 years, it's about time this happened," he said.

Poley and Nick Vlaisavlijevic received their license to wed on Wednesday in Montgomery County.

Officials believe the move is legal within state constitutional rights, even though same sex marriage is still against the law in Pennsylvania.

"We have to make a statement and unless we all take a courageous step to do something, it's not going to change," said

"I feel it's a tipping point for all couples in love to be able to be legally recognized as wedded spouses," said Rev. Pamela Brehm.

Poley's father, Mike, feels that marriage is an equal right for all.

"Thomas Jefferson said all men are created equal and it took 250 years to get here. There's still a ways to go," he said.

Poley and Vlaisavlijevic's union could be challenged in court but the happy couple says right now they are proud to be making such major progress.

"We work very hard, we pay our taxes like everyone else, and we want the same benefits everyone gets as we get older," said Poley.

Poley and Vlaisavlijevic say they felt they needed to seize the opportunity while Montgomery County gave them the chance to do so.

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