New food at Lincoln Financial Field - 6at4


When the football season kicks off, fans packing into the Linc are in for some serious game-day eats. Alicia hit the culinary gridiron to sample the new roster of gourmet concessions.

"we brought in the heavy hitters," says > James Hennessey, executive chef at Lincoln Financial Field. "Fans always eat well and now they are going to be eating even better!"

So who's joining the Linc's culinary all-star lineup? Three of the Philadelphia's top gourmands teaming up for a top-notch new menu: Iron Chef Jose Garces who says whenever he thinks of football, he thinks of guacamole.

He says his famous distrito tacos are perfect grab-and-go stadium bites.

"We have our chicken ropa vieja taco with shreded ropa vieja taco gorgeous and our carnitas with jicama salsa."

Marc Vetri brought some of Alla Spina's signature gastro pub favorites ranging from the mortadella hot dog to what he calls the North Philly sausage cheesesteak.

If you've ever been to Peter McAndrews' Pesanos, you know he's serious about sandwiches.

"They are perfect football food," McAndrews says. "They're perfect Philadelphia food. Just like the Eagles they have a little attitude."

The Tuscan Tony Dog has Bolognese sauce sopreesata sharp provolone and finally - his mom's meatloaf parm.

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