Girls caught in crossfire shooting tell their story

EAST LANSDOWNE, Pa. - July 30, 2013

11-year-old Angel Bowen and her family wanted to talk to me about more than just what happened that night.

They also spoke out about a long-term project intended to address and put an end to this kind of violence.

"The kids were coming from the gas station," said Arnette Bowen, Angel's mom. "They were coming across and got caught in the cross fire."

It happened in a normally quiet neighborhood in East Lansdowne on Thursday night, July 18th.

27-year-old Dominique Harvin had taken her younger family members just across the street to buy sodas for a sleepover.

"Then the man came from behind the bushes and started shooting," she said, pointing. "And he was shooting at a group of people over here."

"First it sounded like fireworks," said Harvin's 6-year-old daughter, Dynasty. "Then it sounded like gunshots everywhere."

11-year-old Angel Bowen was shot once in the leg, and another bullet grazed her stomach.

"I would have gotten shot all the way in my stomach but she pulled me back," she said.

"They started shooting and we started running," said 14-year-old Diamond Wilson. "And she started toward the steps and I pulled her by the hair."

Angel and her family cannot identify the suspect. Police tell me so far there has been no break in the case.

Angel's mom has a message for the entire community:

"No one's talking about it, no one's saying anything," she said. "And it's not fair. And she might not be able to walk. She might not get the feelings back in her leg."

And Angel says she's now afraid to even leave the house.

"I believe they need to get stricter with this gun law because it's really ridiculous how these children are able to get these guns," said Arnette Bowen.

On the night of the shooting, the girls were having a sleepover because they were set to participate in a community action project the next morning.

They were to plant seeds and clean up for The Earth Day Kids, who recite a special greeting at every get-together.

The Earth Day Kids engage in community projects to foster positive connections.

The program's visual and creative arts director, ASCHAK – he spells his name with all capital letters - says they will never give up.

"These are things that we may not have to deal with, because in the course of educating our children then we are transforming our communities," he said.

You can learn more about The Earth Day Kids and download their special greeting by clicking on the links below:


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