Arts, culture and music at Eakins Oval

PHILADELPHIA - August 4, 2013

Eakins Oval has been converted into a pop-up beach and redubbed simply 'The Oval. Each day has a different theme; Wednesdays are dedicated to Arts and Culture and Saturdays to live music.

Mural Arts painted the Eakins Oval parking lot to look like a giant beach blanket and boardwalk with beach balls, lifeguard chairs, sandboxes and mister fans.

"We kind of wanted to liven up the art, make it really fun and exciting," said Marc Wilken, Parks Concessions Manager of the Phila. Parks & Rec. Dept.

The project is run by the city's parks and rec department. Arts and culture Wednesdays feature free art classes during the day.

In the evening, you can lounge to the sounds of free live music.

Need a break from the sun and sand? Take a trip to the sea with the Academy of Natural Sciences' exhibit called 'Glow: Living Lights'.

"That showcases a large group of animals that is in the middle ocean, and 90% of the animals that live there produce their own light," said Jennifer Sontchi, Director of Exhibits, ANS.

It's called bioluminescence. Animals produce light to attract mates or protect against predators.

"So that they blend in with the water below them in this area called the twilight zone and it saves their lives, makes them invisible," said Sontchi.

The exhibit also features other creatures like the backyard firefly and the glow in the dark scorpion.

They'll glow anywhere from a bluish green color to a yellow depending on the species.

Glow runs through September 29th, and all of the details are at The Academy of Natural Sciences.

The pop up beach is at the Oval through August 18th. The complete schedule of events is at City of Philadelphia.

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