Young Chester County children help save dad's life

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. - August 3, 2013

"I was screaming, 'He's dying, he's dying. This is it. He's dying,'" said Sara.

Almost two weeks ago, Sara, Mark and their three small children - 6-year-old Marky, 3-year-old Matthew and 2-year-old Daisy were camping in Danville.

They spent one night outdoors but Mark wasn't feeling well so they moved to a hotel.

"I didn't feel very good. I felt real sick. I drank about nine bottles of water that day, I showered and I still didn't feel good," said Mark.

The family checked into the Hampton Inn on Old Valley School Road.

Sara left her husband with the kids and went to get ice downstairs.

Minutes later, the 46-year-old man had a violent seizure and fell on the floor breaking several bones in his face.

That's when his oldest son took control.

"I just opened the door, ran back and forth to find the elevator," said Marky.

The little boy eventually found his mother.

"I ran out the elevator and told mommy, 'Call 911, I'm not kidding, please call 911. Daddy is bleeding and it's not normal,'" said Marky.

Sara was frantic so her children knocked on other doors to get help.

Mark was taken to the hospital and spent the rest of the week recovering in the ICU. Doctors are still trying to figure out what caused the seizure.

Meanwhile Mark says he's grateful for his children.

"I started crying. I couldn't believe how brave they were, how young kids could do that, it was overwhelming," said Mark.

Mark works at the nearby Penn Veterinary New Bolton Center. He'll be out for a couple of weeks and won't be able to drive for at least six months.

Mark will also need surgery for the broken bones in his face but all things considered, he says he's feeling pretty blessed.

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