Mrs. Fixit: Shaving Cream

August 10, 2013

White shaving cream is concentrated foam soap. So it can clean so many things, but won't harm much!

In fact, it's the best carpet cleaner. Just put a little squirt on the stained area and use a white cloth to dab the area.

Shine your faucets with shaving cream on a damp cloth. Just wipe it over the faucet and then use another clean cloth to dry.

Clean your mirrors with shaving cream and it will keep them fog free for a couple of weeks.

It also works on shower doors.

A simple and safe way to remove paint from your skin is shaving cream… And if you're not near any water and you're hands are dirty… All you need is a dab of shaving cream and a towel to wipe them off.

White shaving foam and a little food coloring mixed into muffin tins...can be used as finger paint for kids. It also makes for fun in the tub….the kids will be looking forward to their bath time!

White shaving cream…so many uses and so inexpensive!! Try it!! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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