Shaving Savings

NORTHERN LIBERTIES - August 12, 2013

And a lot of men, like Matt Schuh of Northern Liberties, really don't want to invest any more time or money in shaving than they absolutely have to. That's why he joined the Dollar Shave Club.

Schuh explains, "When i heard about the idea of having somebody ship me blades, to my house, keep me out of the store, keep me out of the lines, and save me some money, i was all over it."

The Dollar Shave Club was founded by Michael Dubin, who grew up in Lower Merion Township.

"Dollar Shave Club is an internet company where, for a couple of bucks a month, we send high-quality razors right to your door," he explains.

Dollar Shave Club members have several options for the blades delivered to their home each month. Schuh gets the 5 twin blades each month for just $1. You can also choose four four-blade razor heads per month for $6 or four 6-blade heads for $9. Shipping is included.

Savings are about 50% off average retail.

Schuh says, "I'm probably saving -- gee, I don't know -- like $15 bucks a month."

And Dubin adds, " If you don't need your razors sent to you every month, we have something called the Not-So-Hairy plan, and that's every other month."

And while the Dollar Shave Club is geared toward men, Schuh's wife says she's used his razors on her legs, and they work very well for her, too.

To check out the Dollar Shave Club, click here.

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