Heroes of the Pa. municipal building shooting

SAYLORSBURG, Pa. - August 6, 2013

Bernie Kozen is director of the local Open Space Commission. Mark Kresh is a local resident.

Kozen and Kresh were the ones who wrestled Newell to the ground while he was still allegedly unloading his weapon on the innocent crowd.

We talked to Kozen, but he was too upset to speak on camera Tuesday.

Kresh spoke with Action News, but did not want to show his face on camera.

"I saw a situation where people needed help. I stepped in and helped. That's all I see that happened," he said.

Kresh said he feels uncomfortable with all the attention he has been receiving. He told me the focus should be on the innocent people who were killed or wounded.

"The story is about them. I don't believe it's about anybody else who came out of the building alive and well," said Kresh.

Kresh admits his main motivation for tackling that gunman was his wife.

"I got up and ran. And I'll be honest with you. My wife was behind me, and I did not want her to be shot," he said.

Also Tuesday, we spoke with several friends of those who were killed.

Pete Scarfaro says Chestnuthill Township Supervisor David Fleetwood was one of the sweetest people he ever met.

"He was always smiling. I'd go in and talk to him and say hi to him, always very, very sociable person. It's just a shame," he said.

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