Vince Fumo returns to his Fairmount home

FAIRMOUNT - August 7, 2013

Fumo spent his first full day back in Philadelphia Wednesday following his release from a federal prison in Kentucky.

He spent four years behind bars on corruption charges, and he is now finishing out his sentence at his home.

The only words this morning from Carolyn Zinni, Fumo's fiancee, were, "He is under strict rules not to speak to the press at all."

Yellow ribbons and balloons mark the front of the Fairmount home where the 70-year-old Democrat was seen arriving Tuesday night.

Earlier in the evening, he reported to a Juniata Park halfway house in a black Ford F-150. There his needs were assessed and it was determined that he could immediately transition into house arrest.

After spending an hour checking in at the halfway house, he made his way back to his Fairmount home.

Fumo was convicted in 2009 for stealing more than four million dollars from the state of Pennsylvania and two nonprofit groups. He has paid back $3.5 million but the IRS and federal prosecutors are seeking millions more.

The former state senator will have a job while under house arrest working for his defense attorney, making around $10 per hour. He cannot practice law, but he will be answering phones and doing research.

Fumo's sentence is up in February.

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