Saving with 6abc: Secret hotel savings

August 7, 2013

1. Arrive early - it can pay!
There is no guarantee, but if you roll in to your hotel earlier than the required check-in time, you increase the odds that you'll be able to get a nicer room.

2. Calling hotels directly can lead to lower rates
No matter how good a deal looks when you find it online, give the hotel a call directly. Talking with the supervisor could pay off, because hotels must pay a commission to booking sites. If you book directly through the hotel, they don't have to pay the commission and they might pass the savings on to you.

3. Freebies are negotiable
If you ask about items like water bottles and in-room WiFi in advance, you might get them for free. And always look over your bill at check-out time, to be sure you got what you were promised.

4. The rating, is not in the stars, but in ourselves
Star ratings by review sites take amenities into consideration. Not the quality of your stay or the service that you can expect. Ratings from previous guests that you can find online are becoming more and more important.

5. Better location = higher price
It applies to buying homes. It also applies to getting hotel rooms. The closer to landmarks, city centers and airports, the more it will cost you.

6. Name brands can equal higher prices
Local businesses often garner higher ratings from visitors. Plus, with a smaller, independent hotel, you increase the chance you'll get more of a feel for the area you are visiting.

7. Pint-sized portions can save
Ask for child-sized portions for items on the room service menu.

8. Tip housekeepers daily
There's no guarantee your housekeeper is the same person for multi-night stays. Leave a tip every night to be sure the people taking care of your room get what they deserve.

Information used in this post originally came from an online post by Anthony Melchiorri

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