Toms River grandmother goes skydiving for 85th birthday

WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. - August 10, 2013

"Today is my 85 birthday and I'm going skydiving," she said.

The 85-year-old from Toms River, New Jersey is a mother of four and grandmother of six.

Wardenski says Freefall Adventures in Williamstown is where she wanted to be on her birthday - but not on the ground.

Skydiving, it's not something that her late husband, Walter, who passed in December would have done.

"Yea he thought I was crazy," said Wardenski

Wardenski didn't have to go at it alone. She had her grandson and daughter by her side - three generations.

"My stomach and my heart is going pitter patter, but other than that I'm okay, I'm excited," said Marilyn Graef, daughter.

"I think she's one of a kind and has always been young at heart. All my friends think we're crazy but I'm proud of her and glad that she's wants to do something really exciting and it's going to be really fun," said Joe Wardenski, grandson.

And with that - it was time to fly.

Minutes later and after being 13,500 feet in the air, a slightly nervous Wardenski became a skydiving granny.

Free falling toward the ground at 120 miles per hour, Wardenski landed smoothly, making it look easy.

Looking ahead to her 86th birthday, Wardenski says she wants to do something a little closer to the ground like zip lining.

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