People in Penns Grove want fix for flooding

PENNS GROVE, N.J. - August 14, 2013

Even a full day later, streets in the town were still part of the Delaware River.

It's a persistent problem but, residents say, one that could be fixed.

The issue stems from a pumping station that broke several months ago. Now, every time it rains, the water that should be sent into the river pools in the neighborhood.

Sarae Abbott, who has lived in there for 12 years, said "We've lost just about everything we own, basically. This is probably the fifth time in three months we've been flooded."

"If we had a pump we wouldn't be going through this," she said.

Fixing the pump is not a money issue. The borough got a federal grant for $500,000 three years ago to replace the pump, well before it broke.

The problem has been getting all of the needed permits and approvals to do the work.

"We're going to be asking to see if they can expedite this whole issue," said Penns Grove Mayor John Washington.

"It's very much frustrating to myself as the mayor and all these residents. So, we're trying to get it done," Washington said.

The mayor said there will be a meeting about the flooding issues next Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at the borough hall.

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