Mrs. Fixit: Upcycling Jars

August 18, 2013

Looking for some decorative ambiance?….Grab a jar and coat it with some modge podge…now roll the jar in some epsom salts.

Once it's dry …seal it with a clear spray varnish.

Add some tea lights…and you've got yourslf some mood lighting!

Cover jar lids with remnants of wrapping or tissue paper… Just use a mixture of glue and water on the lid…add the paper and then add another coat of the glue mixture to seal it.

You can also add a decorative element on the top using layers of buttons, small plastic toys or a finial. Once you're done…spray paint the entire lid in one color.

You can even add a color to the clear glass by mixing some glue and food coloring …and painting it on the glass.

Make a pedestal adding a candlestick to any jar. You can use the same size jars or different size jars and you can customize them for any occasion.

Add some chalk board paint just big enough for a label for a nice decorative touch!

One last tip...just flip a few jars upside down and add a few photos for a 3d display!

Now thats thinking outside the jar… …I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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