Teen to serve on childhood obesity board

PHILADELPHIA - August 16, 2013

Only 21 students nationwide serve on this youth board. It's for the "Alliance for a Healthier Generation."

It's a national non-profit started by the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association.

Kaseir Archie, 16, is now a hockey enthusiast, but he admits that he almost turned down a chance to play when a coach at the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation asked him.

"At first I didn't even want to sign up," Kaseir said, "but he convinced me."

Now, more than four years later, just talking about hockey makes him smile.

"I just have a love for the game," he said. "I am passionate about it."

Kaseir is also passionate about healthy living, so his selection for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is a natural fit, according to the president of the Ed Snider Hockey Foundation Scott Tharp.

"The important thing in everything we do is encouraging our children to make good choices in life, whether it be in the classroom or in front of the refrigerator," Tharp said.

Kaseir said one of his goals is to get more healthy foods in his neighborhood and other inner-city spots.

His mother is very proud, but not surprised, her son got picked.

"He always tries to get his friends and everyone involved in positive things," said Sharonn Archie.

Moving forward, Kaseir said he will continue to eat healthy, exercise, and now encourage his peers to join him.

"Your health is a lot more important than you think it is," he said.

For more information about the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, CLICK HERE. For more information about the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation, CLICK HERE.

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