7-foot snake missing in Swarthmore, Delaware County

SWARTHMORE, Pa. - August 16, 2013

"I suspect it's more afraid of me than I am of it," said Larry Green, resident.

"You hear it on Facebook, people have sent me emails who don't live in the area. The story is spreading so wide," said Bob Scott, resident.

"Snakey" snuck off Sunday night from his house on the 300 block of Park Avenue.

"This is definitely the place for him. I'm not going to stay here too long," said Bethany Formica, neighbor.

The snake's owners have gone door to door with signs telling the neighbors about their missing pet.

"I've heard it's docile and nice so I'm not overly threatened by it," said Formica.

The pet owners say "Snakey" is not aggressive, he's friends with their cat and apparently even afraid of larger rats.

They worry that he's freezing his tail off because his house is usually kept around 90 degrees.

Swarthmore Police Chief Brian Craig is worried about what will happen if somebody finds him.

"A lot of concern. We've fielded quite a few phone calls," said Chief Craig.

Police are asking neighbors to keep an eye out for "Snakey" and to call 911 if they see him.

Neighbors say they're hopeful the snake will be found soon but hope that they aren't the ones to find him.

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