Fans out in force for Charlie Manuel autograph signing

MIDDLETOWN TWP., Pa. - August 17, 2013

"I'm a big fan of Charlie. He's great with the people, he's great with the young people, he's an inspiration to the players," said Sue Sheffer.

"He loves the Phillies, he loves Philadelphia and we love him," said Diana Plowman.

The feeling is mutual, and for Manuel, it's emotional.

"I love every one of them, all of them are Phillies fans and that makes it even better," he said.

People came dressed in their Phillies best - some even brought signature snacks for a man many believe will be remembered as a Philadelphia legend.

"He's the greatest manager there ever was and we're gonna miss him," said Joanne Ganski.

"Anyone who won us a World Series Championship is never gonna have to buy a drink or a meal here again," said Jeremy Verdone.

Though, some Phillies fans think this goodbye came too soon.

"I kind of understand the thought process but I wanted him to finish out the season," said Christopher Wright.

"It's a shame he has to go. It's been a great time all these years watching the Phillies win, a great honor to meet him and say bye," said Mark Benedetto.

While many people have mixed feelings on Manuel's firing, everyone came out for the same reason - to show their love and respect to a man who will live on in the hearts of many Phillies' fans for years to come.

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