Smoke prompts emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport


It happened just before 6:00 Sunday night.

The Boston to Baltimore flight was in the air for about an hour when someone on the crew smelled smoke.

"There was no shrieking or crying. People were for the most part quiet and listening and trying to gauge how serious things were," said Laura-Chase McGehee.

McGehee, a passenger in the second row, says a flight attendant took control and started emergency procedures.

"She was shaky but she was very firm and knew exactly what to do. I never doubted for a moment that the entire crew knew how to handle the situation," said McGehee.

Once the 95 passengers and four crew members were safely on the ground McGehee, who's also a freelance photojournalist, snapped pictures of the calm and orderly evacuation.

Relieved passengers were loaded onto buses.

It was a sight to see especially for out-of-towners Juan Maurtua and his son Jared.

Taking pictures of departing and arriving planes has been somewhat of a no thrills hobby until now.

"I was just thinking these are amazing shots. I will put them on the internet as much as I can," said Jared.

Meanwhile, McGehee, who worked a wedding in Boston, says as they were landing she thought of her expensive camera equipment in baggage and the photos of her clients' special day.

"I kept thinking how are they going to get their wedding photos. If I'm not here how will someone know to look for the memory card. Will they not have any wedding photos? I think that means O work too much," she said.

JetBlue says no one was injured during the landing or evacuation.

Officials have also said that those passengers will be accommodated to a different plane.

Meanwhile the cause of the smoke odor in the cabin is still under investigation.

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