Reuben On Rye, the deli that comes to you

PHILADELPHIA - August 22, 2013

In recent weeks, the choices have improved as a veteran of the business launched an honest-to-goodness deli on wheel.

The Reuben On Rye truck makes regular visits to Eakins Oval, University City, the Navy Yard and the Camden Waterfront. It's also available for really fun catering events.

Co-owner Neil Parish is known for The Kibitz Room, one of the most popular delicatessens in Cherry Hill.

Corned beef from the store is delivered fresh to the truck more than once a day wherever it happens to be. The meat is perishable but the truck has enough loyal fans that nothing has a chance to spoil.

Other traditional deli favorites like knishes are also available. Co-owner David Serata is a veteran of the retail business, owning several greeting card stores locally.

He brings marketing expertise to the venture. Parish takes advantage of the deli experts he already employs, bringing them from his store to the truck on a rotating basis.

It's just one more means of keeping everything authentic. Believe it or not, the idea of putting real deli on a food truck is a very new phenomenon.

As famous as it is for delicatessen, New York City doesn't have a truck yet. The partners are considering buying a second truck, but it would likely stay local.

As broad a reputation as New York delis have for great bread, the partners have found a baker in Montgomery County who produces what the truck needs. Like the meat, it's absolutely fresh.

In case it's a concern, note that Reuben On Rye considers itself "kosher style" as opposed to kosher. That's true of most delis anywhere you go. A Reuben, having both meat and cheese, could never be truly kosher.

To check out the menu and the travel schedule, or to book the truck for an event, visit the website, Reuben On Rye.

You may also phone the truck at 856-208-7671. You may even place an order online or by phone using a major credit card. You may inquire about catered events via phone or the website as well.

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