3 arrested after FBI car chase in Kensington

KENSINGTON - August 22, 2013

It all began just after 4:00 p.m Thursday afternoon.

The Joint Fugitive Task Force spotted it's a wanted suspect inside a black SUV at Lehigh and Trenton.

Soon after, a high speed chase ensued through the streets of Kensington.

The getaway vehicle slammed into the back of James Kress' car, knocking it onto the sidewalk.

"The sirens were going and everyone was going past like vroom, vroom," said Kress.

The suspects continued to speed down the narrow street where children and others played.

They also allegedly tried to discard a gun that smashed through someone's minivan.

"I was sleeping, getting ready to go to work and my wife comes up and tells me there is a gun in my car," said the minivan owner.

Finally, the SUV collided with a FBI vehicle in Port Richmond.

Francis O'Brien owns a body shop nearby and says the suspects were going at least 60 mph.

"They hit Tommy's car and two of my customers' cars, in fact they hit my son's car," said O'Brien.

Sources tell Action News two guns were confiscated - one in the minivan and another in the SUV.

Detectives are now awaiting warrants to search the vehicle further.

No one was injured in the pursuit.

Police have not released the names of the suspects, pending charges.

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