Put eye exam on your back to school list

AUGUST 23, 2013

Opthamologist Dr. Robert Spector says all kids should have a full exam before kindergarten, one in 6th or 7th grade and one more in high school.

He said routine vision screenings aren't enough.

"The screening that is done is merely to take a look at one part of vision accuity, vision correction," said Dr. Spector.

He says the screening will miss if a child has any eye disease, muscle problems or is far-sighted.

Kids may not recognize they're struggling unless they're tested.

"Just as in hearing, you get accustomed to what you are living with," Dr. Spector said.

These are some signs your child may be having trouble seeing:

-tilting head to one side to see

-using a finger to follow along while reading

-skipping words

-rubbing eyes or getting tired after reading for short time

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