Driver killed in Franklinville crash, couple narrowly missed

FRANKLINVILLE, N.J. - August 25, 2013

It happened at approximately 12:21 a.m. Sunday in the 2000 block of Stanton Avenue in Franklinville.

Police say a Hyundai went out of control on Stanton Avenue and slammed into a tree, splitting the car in half and killing the driver.

The driver has been identified as 51-year-old Keith Ray of Franklinville.

Officials say the vehicle just barely missed Nicholas Matero and Emily Wurster who had just come out to walk their dog.

They were able to jump out of the way.

They are OK, but shaken up.

"I think I took the biggest three leaps of my life," Matero said.

"My life flashed before my eyes. He was like coming for us, and then turned the opposite way. He was doing at least a 100. It was crazy, you could hear him coming. His tires screeched when he turned half a mile up the road. Dude was flying," Wurster said.

Wurster says speeding is very common on Stanton Avenue.

Although it's posted for 40 miles-an-hour, she says many drivers go well over that.

So far there is no word yet on why Ray lost control.

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