Montgomery County couple's dog killed in hit-and-run

LOWER GWYNEDD, Pa. - August 26, 2013

But this was no ordinary dog. It had a unique ability to help a disabled war veteran deal with his recurring flashbacks from his experiences in Vietnam.

Albert Wiggins of Lower Gwynedd says the lingering effects of his exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War have rendered him paralyzed from the waist down.

All while memories from his tour of duty have left him wounded emotionally, as well.

His wife Amy says his flashbacks occur late at night.

"When my husband has nightmares, he swings like he's fighting the war," Amy said.

But the Wiggins say their dog Eva, which never received any specialized training, would quickly jump on the bed and wake Albert as soon as he started having an episode.

"She'll pull the covers off me, lick me in the face to get me up, she knew something was going wrong with men when things were bad," Albert said.

But the special relationship that Albert Wiggins developed with his Miniature Pinscher was shattered Sunday.

Last evening, Eva ran off the property and onto nearby Dekalb Pike.

That's when Amy Wiggins says she witnessed a white SUV run over the dog, slow down, and then quickly leave the scene.

Albert says he is absolutely devastated.

"My wife came in crying. I didn't know what was going on. [Amy] brought [Eva] upstairs. She was lifeless and she was bleeding," Albert said.

From a legal perspective, when it comes to accidents like this one, the owners are responsible for the safety of the pet. Regardless, the Wiggins say they are not looking to sue anyone.

"Whoever you are that hit our dog, you should have acknowledged you hit something," Amy said.

"She ought to come back and at least say they're sorry," Albert said.

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