Pickup truck slams into deli in Merion Station

MERION STATION - August 29, 2013

It was just after 5:45 a.m. when a pickup truck crashed into the dining room at Hymie's Merion Delicatessen on the 300 block of Montgomery Avenue in Merion Station.

The restaurant was closed but three employees were on the deli side preparing for the day, including manager Harry Zeisler.

"It was a large loud sound like an explosion," Zeisler said.

This morning the cleanup was underway. Skid-marks can be seen where the driver of the red pickup truck lost control and veered into the storefront.

Zeisler said he saw smoke and could smell fumes, so he ran to help the driver.

He explains, "I saw a gentleman staggering a little bit, blood coming down his face."

An employee called 911 while Zeisler sat the driver down on a bench. The driver was then taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for treatment.

Employees from the nearby Liberty gas station are often in Hymie's, and say given how popular the restaurant is, it's lucky there were no customers inside and no employees were hurt.

Police are investigating what may have caused the driver to lose control.

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