3 University of Delaware students charged in burglary

NEWARK, Del. - September 3, 2013

It was 2:50 a.m. Sunday when police were called to the unit block of East Cleveland Avenue for a report of a fight.

Arriving officers learned that there was a party at the residence earlier in the night, and that when a group of people were denied entry to the party, a minor altercation ensued.

In the struggle, one of the subjects attempting to get into the residence had his shirt ripped. After the party, a group of males began banging on the rear door, demanding to know who ripped their friend's shirt.

The residents didn't open the door and told the group to leave their property.

However, for approximately 15 minutes the banging continued, until the group eventually forced the rear door open.

The group entered the kitchen and, according to police, began assaulting the residents.

Responding officers arrested 20-year-old Conor Travers of Yonkers, New York and 20-year-old Frank Ward of Exterior, Rhode Island without incident. 20-year-old Eric Smith of Annandale, New Jersey was taken into custody after a brief foot chase.

All three suspects are charged with burglary, conspiracy, assault, criminal mischief, and underage drinking. Smith was also charged with resisting arrest.

Police say the three victims, also University of Delaware students, did not sustain any major injuries.

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