Babysitter pushes girl out of path of car in Feltonville

FELTONVILLE - September 6, 2013

It was around 7:20 a.m. when 9-year-old Andreia Garcia and her babysitter, Nancy Duarte, were standing on the corner of 3rd Street and Wyoming Avenue waiting for the bus to Pontoja Charter School.

That's when a speeding Ford Explorer, driven by 57-year-old George Streeter of the 300 Block of E. Rockland Street and travelling northbound on 3rd Street, blew through the stop sign and struck two vehicles, a Toyota Camry travelling eastbound on Wyoming and second Camry travelling westbound.

One of the cars then veered off the roadway and in the direction of the little girl.

Police say Duarte managed to push the 9-year-old out of the way of the car. The vehicle then slammed into a home and took down a stop sign.

"The caretaker saw the accident coming and just pushed the little girl out of the way. The little girl did strike her head and was injured," said Captain Frank Vanore.

Garcia is being treated for a head injury at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children.

"I appreciate her for the rest of my life," said Glaucom Dias.

Dias is very grateful to Duarte for saving his stepdaughter's life.

Duarte explained her only thought was getting the little girl she cares for out of harm's way.

"She said, the important thing is nothing happened to my daughter, and she feels good for that she saved a life and I appreciate her for the rest of my life," said Dias.

Meanwhile, Streeter was arrested on the scene and charged with Criminal Mischief, DUI and related charges.

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