Drop weight with spin classes

MANAYUNK - September 11, 2013

Every day, 28-year-old Juliet Sabella pushes each person in her spin class to pedal past their personal best. The owner of The Wall Cycling Studio in Manayunk isn't only passing on her passion for fitness, she's sharing her own inspirational story.

"I lost close to 85 pounds spinning and dieting. It took a year to lose it. This is my love," she told Action News.

At 18 years old, she was given a medical warning to start losing weight.

"I was pre-diabetic. I was always tired, always sweating, and not from working out. I was class 2 obesity."

Last year she was laid off from her job as a retail buyer. Four months later she opened what she calls her passion project on Levering Street.

"Just seeing weight being lifted off people's shoulders when they are finished with a class or you see them drop pounds, it's really satisfying."

One of those people is Michelle Jones. She's a mother of two who works a full-time job and has shed 40 pounds so far. She says the key is to get moving, stay moving, and start small.

"What I started realizing is: Take 2 pounds. See if you could take those first two pounds off. Then try a pound and a half after that," Jones said.

They call her "The Amazing Shrinking Woman!"

If you need motivation, Jones says just look at her journey.

"I know anyone can do it if I can do it. It was hard. I mean really hard. I thought I would never be able to lose that weight."

Sabella says she keeps the prices down at the center by not paying herself. Plus, everybody who comes in gets the first class free. She says fitness should never be a privilege.

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