Cedarbrook Middle School to reopen after mold problems

WYNCOTE, Pa. - September 13, 2013

Custodians found a thin coating of mold covering just about every surface in the school including desks, chairs, walls, ceilings and floors.

It happened on July 18th and officials say it was caused by sweaty, cold water pipes in the cooling system.

Since then the school has mounted a massive cleanup and remediation effort that kept their school closed an extra two weeks.

Teachers were allowed back in Friday to start setting up their classrooms.

All 700 seventh and eighth graders will be back in class Monday morning. None too soon for their parents.

Henry Albert's son Cory will be entering eighth grade.

"I spent two weeks trying to pry my son's nose off the computer screen," said Albert.

John Leonard is also anxious to get his daughter back in school.

"She's been enjoying her extra two weeks vacation," said Leonard.

If some parents are reluctant, the school is assuring them the building is entirely mold free.

"There were 125 air quality tests prior to us coming back into the building today and they are going to be continuing to test on a regular basis," said

The teachers are ready to get to work, and they're not worried the kids might have gotten a bit stale.

"Kids never get moldy, they always get more and more excited so they're probably looking forward to coming back to school too," said Michele Darden.

The school district also says they have made arrangements for students to make up the seven lost days without extending the school year into next summer.

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